The Flatlands Motorama is an all new invitational pre 1968 Traditional Hot Rod and Custom car show in the Netherlands. It is being hosted by Henry Van Uden (Ford Brothers NL) and Miles Sherlock, the owner of JackHammer Hot Rod & Kustom Supply (UK). Henry previously had a very successful show in the Netherlands called Rockin' Jalopies which ran for 9 years. Miles and some close friend's put on the critically acclaimed Lead Room in Brighton in 2016 which was a small show dedicated to early custom car styles. He also was part of the team who ran the Hot Rod Hayride for seven years.


The Flatlands Motorama will be held at the Autotron Expo in Rosmalen which offers 10,000 m2 of indoor space over two floors to show off some of the best vehicles that Europe has to offer in this style. Along side will be an outdoor area put aside purely for hotrods and customs also.

As well as the cars there will also be a selection of vintage Choppers, custom pickup trucks and a pre 78 custom Van show. So plenty of Eye Candy to fulfill everyone's desires.


As well as the cars there will be the Big Nef Kustom Art Showcase hosted by Jacco of Royal Jack Kustom Works, in memory of Simon 'Nefarious' Pollock, where pinstripers, signwriters and low brow artists will be demonstrating their skills throughout the weekend. Traders will, of course, also be present selling all things for the Kustom community from Hotrod parts to clothes, jewellery and art so please support these guys and buy something cool to take home with you.

Simon unfortunately passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in July last year, much to the shock of his family and friends. In his memory, his 'Kustom Art Showcase' which he hosted every year will now be hosted by Jacco Reniers to keep his work and memory alive, and firmly an integral part of the European Kustom scene. He will be missed dearly by everyone that knew him.

A few words from Jacco of Royal Jack Kustom Works: "Simon aka Nefarious, Hagrid, Nef, Big Nef all nicknames given to Simon Pollock, pinstripe and letter artist. I think it says something about a person if they’ve been given nicknames. Either they hate or love you. I think with Simon (as I liked to call him) we all know what was the case. I’m Jacco aka “Royal Jack” also a Pinstriper and Kustom painter, based in Holland and I am honoured that I could call Simon my friend.
Simon was a very very talented Pinstriper, not have seen many Pinstripers doing live pinstriping at shows etc. with the ease that he did it with. The same with lettering, the ease and speed he had in this was amazing! Had a great weakness (read jealousy) for his drawing talent and the awesome graphics he could create, like skulls or freaky monsters. I already knew Simon as a Pinstriper for years but the first time we really met was at the KKF show in Germany a few years back. It was early morning and I had a party at the show the night before. Was sitting in front of my booth getting the sleep out of my eyes when this big guy sat down right beside me on a small stool. Helmet in his left and a brush in his right hand. We started talking and strange enough in first place not about our profession, just some chatting. In the years after that, we saw each other on regular base at shows of course and became better friends. At one time we both got invited to a show in Barcelona Spain, and we had the best time with all the painters over there, if there was one thing Simon loved it was enjoying doing his work among other painters that loved doing theirs. We shared the hotel room and from that point we would be roommates for ever. Two years later I think it was we were invited to a show in Spain again, the north of Spain this time a show right at the beach what would you want more!! We would share a room again.....well a room, it turned out to be a tent of about one square meter and we had a great laugh about it, Simon said “you see Jack, this is what we get being famous Pinstripers”! Still get a smile when I hear him say this in my head. On top of this the both of us never had this shitty weather before like it was those days, not even in England Simon said. Despite this weather and camping adventure we would never missed it for the world! Had such a good time with everyone over there and very thankful for getting the change of doing shows over there! Last show we did together was the Flatlands Motorama show (previous the Rockin’ Jalopy’s Motorama show). And again a great time as I had the chance of being in this big house close to the show filled with English guys which meant tea in the morning black as the night, and of course bacon and eggs!

Then the awful news came to all of us that Simon no longer was among us. Hit us all in the face and left empty spaces in all of our lives in what form so ever. News came out when and where the funeral would be and I am so glad I had the chance of being there to give Simon a last goodbye with all of his friends and family. It was the most impressive funeral I have witnessed and don’t think I will ever see one like it again. From Simon arriving and leaving on a hot rod to eating, talking and drinking rum with his friends from not only the artist scene but also the car and roller skating scene which he was very active in too! Would not claim that I was Simon’s best friend and that is not what it’s all about, just know I’m gonna miss him like hell, especially at shows we did together and that these shows will never be the same again! Will miss you Simon and although you didn’t believe in a life after I still hope we meet again and you’ve saved some rum to enjoy together."




The Autotron in Rosmalen, Netherlands is within easy reach of ferries, airports and the European road network.




There is various accommodation nearby with some being walking distance. The most popular will probably be the Dierenbos Vakantiepark which has cabins and lodges alongside a large camping area. They have a restaurant and mini supermarket on site as well as bowling alley and swimming pool. There are also plenty of hotels close to the Autotron.

Advance tickets are available online priced at 10 Euros.

If you wish to visit Saturday and Sunday, please purchase 2 tickets. Tickets will be available on each day priced at 12 Euros.

Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama2 hours ago
We are super excited to announce that with the help of @johansen.palle and @customcarchronicle the Jack Stewart Ford will be coming to the Flatlands Motorama in April. This will be the very first time the Jack Stewart Ford will be on display outside the USA and will be worth the entrance fee on its own!!! Please read the following text for information about this iconic custom car "

Jack’s 1941 Ford was originally restyled in the late 1940’s by the legendary Gil and Al Ayala / Gil’s Auto Body Shop. Jack good friend George Barris was asked to help Jack get the car ready for a special event during the 1950 Easter Holidays. George Barris fine tuned the body work and applied the white primer so Jack could drive the car to the event with his girlfriend. The Jack Stewart Ford will be on display at the Motorama just as it looked back in 1950. Your chance to see this iconic Ayala/Barris Kustom with its rich history up close. ". @jackhammerspeedshop @henrychristavan @dickieslifeofficial @air_lift_performance @stromberg97 @oldtimerproducties @mooneyes @royal_jack #kustom #customcarshow #barriskustom#kustomkulture #kustom #taildragger #stoked #probablythebestcarshowintheworldever
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama4 days ago
This year at the Flatlands Motorama we have a some great new cars debuting..... If you like candy apple red hot rods then this one will blow your socks off!!! #candy #candyapplered #realhotrod #hotrod #kustomkulture #the_hamb #roddersjournal #modelaford @jackhammerspeedshop @dickieslifeofficial @air_lift_performance @moonequipped @stromberg97 @oldtimerproducties @henrychristavan @royal_jack
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama1 week ago
With just under two months to go we are now finalizing places for the show. This killer little roadster pickup belonging to @larry_speed will be one of the manuly nostalgic hotrods we will have in the hall. Updates will now come thick and fast so please enjoy and share. #hotrod #kustomkulture #kustom #chopper #hopuplive #vhra @jackhammerspeedshop @dickieslifeofficial @air_lift_performance @stromberg97 @oldtimerproducties @mooneyes @henrychristavan
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama2 weeks ago
Remembering lost oneswho never knew how important they were. Throwback Thursday with our old freind Nefarious. The art show at the Flatlands Motorama in April is a tribute to the man. Hosted by @royal_jack....he has secured killer artists from all over europe to put on a great show for you all. Watch the artists as they work their skills and buy their stuff 😁. @nefariouspinstriping #art #pinstriping #lowbrowart #kustomkulture @dickieslifeofficial @air_lift_performance @jackhammerspeedshop @moonequipped @stromberg97 @oldtimerproducties @henrychristavan
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama2 weeks ago
Front end Friday with @chico_caddy and his drop dead georgous 1940 Cadillac. We can't wait to see this car for real at the Flatlands Motorama in April. #cadillac #kustomkulture #kustom #taildragger #flatlandsmotorama @jackhammerspeedshop @dickieslifeofficial @air_lift_performance @moonequipped @stromberg97 @henrychristavan @oldtimerproducties
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama3 weeks ago
Taillight Tuesday with @wolfsvincent stunning kandy devil chevrolet which will be at the Flatlands Motorama in April. Unfortunately he didnt make it last year because of hold ups in shipping it back from its GNRS trip. Glad to have you with us this 💕 #kustomkulture #kustom #chevrolet @jackhammerspeedshop @air_lift_performance @stromberg97 @mooneyes @tristankustomizing @henrychristavan @oldtimerproducties @sirkrisb