The Flatlands Motorama is an all new invitational pre 1968 Traditional Hot Rod and Custom car show in the Netherlands. It is being hosted by Henry Van Uden (Ford Brothers NL) and Miles Sherlock, the owner of JackHammer Hot Rod & Kustom Supply (UK). Henry previously had a very successful show in the Netherlands called Rockin' Jalopies which ran for 9 years. Miles and some close friend's put on the critically acclaimed Lead Room in Brighton in 2016 which was a small show dedicated to early custom car styles. He also was part of the team who ran the Hot Rod Hayride for seven years.


The Flatlands Motorama will be held at the Autotron Expo in Rosmalen which offers 10,000 m2 of indoor space over two floors to show off some of the best vehicles that Europe has to offer in this style. Along side will be an outdoor area put aside purely for hotrods and customs also.

As well as the cars there will also be a selection of vintage Choppers, custom pickup trucks and a pre 78 custom Van show. So plenty of Eye Candy to fulfill everyone's desires.


As well as the cars there will be the Flatlands Motorama Kustom Art Hangout hosted by Nefarious, where pinstripers, signwriters and low brow artists will be demonstrating their skills throughout the weekend. Traders will, of course, also be present selling all things for the Kustom community from Hotrod parts to clothes, jewellery and art so please support these guys and buy something cool to take home with you.


The Autotron in Rosmalen, Netherlands is within easy reach of ferries, airports and the European road network.



There is various accommodation nearby with some being walking distance. The most popular will probably be the Dierenbos Vakantiepark which has cabins and lodges alongside a large camping area. They have a restaurant and mini supermarket on site as well as bowling alley and swimming pool. There are also plenty of hotels close to the Autotron.

Advance tickets are available online priced at 10 Euros.

If you wish to visit Saturday and Sunday, please purchase 2 tickets. Tickets will be available on each day priced at 12 Euros.

Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama6 days ago
Less than six months to go now. Preparations are well underway now and it looks to be bigger and better than the first one. We have some awesome new cars for you with many more debuts. The Assembly Chopper show is also pulling iut all the stops to make this one helm of a show. Keep on checking us out for updates. @jackhammerspeedshop @henrychristavan @dickieslifeofficial @air_lift_performance @moonequipped @stromberg97 @oldtimerproducties #probablythebestcarshowintheworldever #kustomkulture #kustom #hotrod #hopuplive #vhra #netherlands #holland
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama3 weeks ago
Who's ready for the Flatlands Motorama next spring? A little over six months to go to get those killer projects finished. @jackhammerspeedshop @dickieslifeofficial @air_lift_performance @moonequipped @oldtimerproducties @henrychristavan @stromberg97 #kustomkulture #kustom#taildragger #hamb #hopuplive #hotrod #chopper #assemblylondon #probablythebestcarshowintheworldever #can'twait
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama2 months ago
What a great addition to our little show ❤️. Thanks a million @royal_jack #kustomkulture #pinstriping #lettering #probablythebestcarshowintheworldever @nefariouspinstriping
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama2 months ago
Preparations are well underway for next year's Flatlands Motorama. Its gonna be bigger and better than this year.. More cars and bikes in the traditional style. Tribute art show to our freind Nefarious...... Follow us on insta and facebook for updates. #kustomkulture #kustom #hotrod #chopper #harleydavidson #hopuplive #the_hamb #vhra #FLM2020 #customcarshow #probablythebestcarshowintheworldever @jackhammerspeedshop @dickieslifeofficial @air_lift_performance @moonequipped @oldtimerproducties @stromberg97 @henrychristavan
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama2 months ago
Feeling like Willy Wonka right now. Official hotrod & Kustom invites have arrived 😀🌟. Thanks to Philippe Berne fir the awesome drawings and @gerdutchcouragepeters for the artworking and @pearson.jarrod for the excellent printing again. @flatlandsmotorama @jackhammerspeedshop @henrychristavan @moonequipped @air_lift_performance @dickieslifeofficial @oldtimerproducties @stromberg97 @jdandridge_13 #kustomkulture #kustom @vincent_summers76 #hotrod #choppershow
Flatlands Motorama
Flatlands Motorama2 months ago
We're off, postcards and flyers ready for this weekend at the NSRA supernats at old warden. Come over to the JackHammer booth and grab one while they last. The first wave of invites are going out now... Its gonna be soooo cool...again!! 😀 Remember if you have something that we don't know about and that you think may be eligible for the show don't hesitate to ask. Struct rules do apply though with no exceptions. @jackhammerspeedshop @moonequipped @dickieslifeofficial @stromberg97 @air_lift_performance @henrychristavan @vincent_summers76 @nefariouspinstriping @royal_jack @bib_n_tucker Massive thanks go to @gerdutchcouragepeters and @pearson.jarrod for the artwork and all the printing yet again. #kustomkulture #kustom #hotrod #chopper #harleydavidson #hopuplive #the_hamb #vhra #probablythebestcarshowintheworldever